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Close your eyes and imagine, hear:

the rustle of the fabric between hands, the tapping of the hammer, the prick of the sewing machine, the noise in the space as the fabric is snapped, the swish of the the scissors and the cut of the thread who sewed the label:


These are the artigianal noises of an endless assembly line that produces infinite happiness. In the universe of babywearing, the 2009 and the city of Hamburg, mark the birth of the creative artisan and artistic brand Linuschka, where the personal experience of Oxana Shmatova , first of all a mother who loves to carry her children, from the beginning, up to today, has deigned the dreams and the emotions of women and their babies. Linuschka is wrappable art and like in art, everything is balance: the magic alchemy between dream, creativity and technique transformation, makes Linuschka an emblem of the spirit of innovation married to creative craftsmanship.

All our wraps are woven exclusively in Germany in a small factory with a long family tradition and finished at the Atelier in Hamburg.

The love and the research for beauty, the attention to details, the selection of the highest quality yarns become tactile in Linuschka collection and what seems only fabrics becomes

wearable art.