Babywearing in summer and winter

The changing seasons present unique considerations when carrying your child. Whether warm or cold remember that each layer of wrap is like a layer of clothing. 

In summer, you should:

    • Opt for an airier wrap blend that is more loosely woven to promote air circulation

    • Choose lighter clothing so you both keep cooler

    • Go for single layer carries such as a kangaroo or a ruck sack

    • Make sure you spread passes to keep you cooler

    • Try to stay in the shade or use a UV protective umbrella or parasol 

    • Both wear hats

    • Both keep regularly hydrated

    • Use the tail of the wrap as a protective layer

  • Wear sunscreen on exposed skin. Try to opt for one that is mineral based and does not contain Avobenzone or Parsol 1789 which can stain fabric. 

In winter, you should:

    • Choose a wrap that has a tighter weave and/or a thicker, warmer blend

    • Go for double layer carries such as a front wrap cross carry or a double hammock 

    • Dress in layers that are easily removable. Items of clothing like “baby legs” which are woollen leg warmers are a great way of adding warm layers without the bulk

    • Carry an umbrella for keeping the rain and snow from you both (and the wrap)

    • Consider pre-tied carries if you are wrapping outside. That way your wrap won’t get wet in autumnal downpours. 

  • Explore the wide range of babywearing coats out there for keeping you both warm. If they aren’t your style then capes and shawls are a great option.