Just as there is glorious variety to be found in wool, the same can be said for silk. Don’t be fooled into thinking that silk is a delicate fibre suited only to small babies because, as you will see, depending on the type and weave it works magic from birth to the end of wearing. Silk also gives a variety of looks from smooth to highly textured and from a high gloss sheen to matte. 

Mulberry silk is perhaps the type most people are familiar with because it is widely used throughout the textile industry for its typically silky drape, shine and fineness. In fact, mulberry silk can be spun to a variety of thicknesses but what remains consistent is its strength. Look for lower weight wraps for airier wrapping qualities and the heavier, thicker wraps for pre-schooler worthiness. 

Tussah is a texture lover’s dream because it is harvested from the cocoons of silk worms that have lived in the wild. Due to this, the silk is very nubby and slubby as it reflects the varied vegetation that comprised the worm’s diet. This produces a highly characteristic yarn that is super soft and develops an almost wool like texture after repeated wears. Looser woven tussah is wonderful for a smaller baby whilst more tightly woven tussah, particularly when combined with linen or wool can heft the heaviest child. Our spinner supplies nonviolent tussah silk which is from cocoons harvested after the silk worm has departed.

Bourette silk is really a silk grade and not a type. Traditionally it was considered the scrap silk as it was spun from leftover mulberry to create a nubby, thicker yarn that often contains a speckled array of harmonising colours. Known also as Tsumugi or noil, it tends to be matte and feel quite dry to touch. In action, it is a brilliant silk for older children with a grip that makes it perfect for single layer carries. 

Japanese silk indicates the origin of spinning rather than a type of silk in itself. Japanese silk spinners are world renowned for their skill at producing the finest silk yarns. At Linuschka we use a high-grade fine bourette silk which brings a subtle rainbow of colours to the weft. This dry silk is thinner than traditional bourette and very strong. We also use Japanese mulberry which has that typical shine but also a tactile character which makes it a joy to wrap with.