What is there not to love about the beauty and variety to be found in wool? Many believe it is a winter only fibre but there is truly a wool for every season. Wool is often used to add softness and what babywearers call ‘cush’ to a wrap. That is, the soft and squashy nature of wool means it can be very gentle on the shoulders and around your child when used. That does not mean it is a fragile fibre; wool can be very hardy and, when woven at the right density, provide exceptional strength to a wrap. 

Some wools, due to the size of the hair follicles (measured in microns) can also be quite rough and require time and wearing for them to achieve their optimum qualities. Like all fibres, the more you wear them, the better they get. 

Wool is an animal fibre which means we take great care when sourcing our yarns for they MUST have been produced ethically. It is impossible to cover every type of wool that we use, so here are some of the types you will see most frequently in our woven wraps:

Merino wool is a slightly courser wool that is very versatile in baby wraps. Soft, strong, and depending on the weaving, quite solid to use. We love merino and we care about its provenance which is why all the merino we use for our wraps is mulesing free. 

Lambswool comes from a lamb’s first shearing and so it is the softest type of merino that requires less processing and treatment for use. Both merino and lambswool are thermoregulating which makes them brilliant year-round wools as they allow you, and your child’s body temperatures to naturally adjust. 

GOTS certified (organic) wool yarns refers to different wools all complying to the official GOTS certification. This means that, like your food, the animal will have been reared in an environment that does not use pesticides or chemicals. 

Mongolian Cashmere for Linuschka is spun by the most famous Italian cashmere spinners who also supply the best fashion houses. It is a super soft and delicate fibre that requires care but will reward you and your child with incredible warmth. This fine wool wears in a ‘flatter’ way against the body making it better suited to cooler climates. 

Alpaca from Peru is a gloriously silky and soft yarn that wears like cashmere and fine merino. The longer adult hair follicles sometimes give a tickly feel however alpaca is hypoallergenic so if you have trouble with itchiness from wool then alpaca is a good option to try.  

Babycamel is a fine fibre with a micron count similar to merino however it is hypoallergenic whilst still retaining that breathable year-round quality. It’s an intensely soft yarn that comes from the underbelly of the baby camel and is thus particularly prized. 

Yak can be used from tents to clothing and Linuschka sources ethically produced yak wool from Tibet. Yak is as soft as cashmere, perhaps a little more breathable and is very strong. The down layer of yak wool can only be harvested at particular times of the year making this a prized wool in the fashion industry but we love it for its luxury tenderness.