Quality and sustainability

When you wrap with a Linuschka you can be sure of quality and sustainability in the following ways: 


    • The majority of Linuschka yarns are spun in Italy but, depending on the yarn, they’re also sourced from spinners in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Japan. These spinners have established reputations for supplying the highest quality yarns. 

      • Our traditional, 5th generation, family mill based in Germany weaves all Linuschka wraps. 

    • All the wraps are sewn in Hamburg. Our weaving and finishing demonstrates the high value we place on supporting the regional textile industry. 


      • Luxury fibres such as cotton, merino wool, cashmere, silk and linen are sourced not just for the quality of the yarn but also guarantees that they have been produced, harvested and spun with the highest environmental and ethical standards.

    • The family mill we use is GOTS certified. GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard and it is the gold mark for ecological, ethical and sustainable textile production. As a GOTS certified mill they have committed to environmental policies that minimise waste and guarantees safe byproducts (for example water). 

      • The mill is committed to producing textiles that must meet quality tests for expected wear and cannot leave unwanted residues (vital for a product such as a wrap that children often suck on). We share the same ethical employment practices that guarantees fair pay, choice, and protection like pensions, health insurance, sick pay and maternity pay.

    • At Linuschka, we believe in a future built on solid ethical foundations that respects human rights and care for the environment - and we know these are values shared by our clients.