Safe babywearing (in every season)

If you are new to babywearing we recommend the following: 

  1. Find a local, qualified, babywearing consultant who can teach you the principles of safe babywearing. You are typically taught how to position your baby safely with carries such as a front wrap cross carry

  1. Find a local babywearing group. These are often run by qualified peer supporters who will be able to demonstrate safe babywearing and the most commonly used carries

  1. You can use the wealth of online babywearing groups for advice and support however these are no substitute to face to face support if you are learning from scratch 

  1. Qualified consultants have made video and photo tutorials available online and these are a great resource once you have mastered the basics.

Whichever way you learn to safely carry your child please keep the T.I.C.K.S. guidance in mind:

  • Tight – so that you don’t have loose fabric that will mean your child slumps
  • In view at all times – the wrap does not cover your child’s face
  • Close enough to kiss – as close to your chin as possible for optimal positioning 
  • Keep chin off the chest – to keep your child’s airway open 
  • Supported back – for both comfort and safety

You can access the Safe Babywearing T.I.C.K.S. card here -