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Each wrap that we weave is very different and unique, for it depends on the blends, yarn and weaving technique. These variabilities will yield a difference in touch with some wraps that are smooth and silky and others that feel rough - such as those with the special texture of Shantung Tussah silk. These wraps and those woven with yarns such as hemp or linen need time to soften through use to fully reach their optimum wrapping qualities and feel. 

When you buy a woven wrap, you are receiving a highly technical piece of woven cloth, fresh from the loom. A wash and an iron will begin that breaking in process which continues with each wear. For many, the change that a wrap undertakes with each wear and cuddle is a joy to behold. We ask that you take time to enjoy it too. 

Sometimes you may notice what appears to be cosmetic irregularities and these are expected. Different yarns have particular characteristics which are in no way a fault but part of their beauty. Some of these irregularities are mentioned in the yarn guide but here are some more: 

- Linen and hemp often contains little slubs, nubs and irregularities that belongs to the wrap and makes it special. They add to the grippiness of the fabric and the tactile nature of the yarn.

- Tussah Shantung is particularly textured as it is a wild silk and you are sensing the life the silk worm had before it vacated the cocoon. The little bits of vegetation and the slubs are best left alone, to soften with each wear and enjoyed. 

Sometimes you might find the odd tiny knot in your fabric and these are perfectly normal. They’re called weaver’s knots and are from the end of one spool of yarn being knotted to another. These knots are not usually visible but might be felt as you run your fingers over the wrap.


Weaver’s knots are not to be confused with small pulls which can happen if you catch the wrap. Please do not be anxious about these as they can be popped back in with the aid of a darning needle and a good light to guide you. 

Small pulls do not affect the safety of a wrap but if you feel anxious about this, or any other issue with caring for your woven wrap, you can always contact us to advise with aftercare.

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