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When you receive your wrap from Linuschka it will be in ‘loom state’ which means it has been cut from the bolt of cloth direct from the weaving mill and hemmed at our atelier. Before you use your wrap, it needs to be washed and ironed. This enables the fibres in the wrap to plump up, get friendly with each other and thus settle the weave. This is finished by ironing. 

Each wrap comes with a composition label that will list the blend of the wrap and the care instructions. Please read this carefully as some wraps may be machine washed – such as all cotton, linen or hemp blends – and some need to be hand washed. We recommend using only non-biological delicate laundry liquids suited to silk, wools and ultimately, your baby’s skin. Our scarves are to be washed gently by hand using a liquid detergent suitable for silks.

Over time, through daily use, cuddles, dropped food, baby dribble and such, your wrap will want a wash just like any other cloth. Wool wraps are hardier and you can just brush off dried mud and splashes but silk needs more regular care. We recommend gently washing your woven wrap on a semi regular basis and before you store away for a season or longer. 

When storing a woven wrap made with animal fibres for longer periods you should consider the use of cedar balls or chests to keep moths at bay.

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