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At Linuschka we use the most beautiful yarns made from the best, and most sustainably produced, fibres. 

Our yarns are measured by their technical qualities: the length of fibres, their strength, weight, surface quality, and most importantly, that they’re entirely suitable for babies.  

The majority of our yarns are spun and dyed in Europe and mainly by Italian spinners who are renowned for their work. Where possible, Linuschka works with organic yarns.  The warp of our wraps is GOTS certified (organic and sustainably produced) super combed cotton.  


In the quest for luxury, cotton is often overlooked. We adore cotton for the variety of wrapping qualities that different cottons lend. An all-cotton wrap is one with nowhere to hide, no competing fibres, so it either fails or flies. Having tried and tested many cottons, we stand by Linuschka all cotton wraps as the best to see you from birth to whenever carrying ends. 


Hemp is often used as an ‘ingredient’ in a woven blend to give backbone to the wrap – structure and support – around which other fibres will play. It is a matte fibre which
adds a particular wicking and softness to a wrap when broken in.  Our weaving techniques means hemp won’t ever feel “diggy” to your shoulders or flat and slippery in use. Our hemp is grown in Europe to the highest of standards.


What is there not to love about the beauty and variety to be found in wool? Many believe it is a winter only fibre but there is truly a wool for every season. Wool adds softness to the wrap, makes the it cushy and gentle on the shoulders, with a lovely bounce. We use in particular our merino wool-silk yarn as it adds the ultimate luxurious feel to any wrap.


Mongolian Cashmere for Linuschka is spun by the most famous Italian cashmere spinners
who also supply the best fashion houses. It is a super soft and delicate fibre that requires
care but will reward you and your child with incredible warmth. This fine wool wears in a
‘flatter’ way against the body making it better suited to cooler climates.


We love linen for its incredible strength and, shine. Linen comes into its own during summer when a simple linen and cotton wrap is the loveliest, most airy, cloth to use. Our weaving techniques means linen won’t ever feel “diggy” to your shoulders or flat and slippery in use.  We are proud to use organic linen from France and Belgium that is certified with the MASTERS OF LINEN® trademark.


Just as there is a glorios variety to be found in wool, the same can be said for silk. Don't be fooled into thinking that silk is a delicate fibre suited only for small babies because depending on type and weave it works magic from birth until the end of wearing. Silk also gives a variety of looks from smooth to highly textured and from a high gloss sheen to matte.


Alpaca from Peru is a gloriously silky and soft yarn that wears like cashmere and fine
merino. The longer adult hair follicles sometimes give a tickly feel however alpaca is
hypoallergenic so if you have trouble with itchiness from lambswool then alpaca is a good option to try.


Seacell is a modern fibre made from plant based cellulose. It has a cool, silky effect and is particularly loved in summer. It adds softness, drape and a marshmallow feel to the wrap being loved by many. 
We often weave Seacell with supima cotton for an ultimately super soft wrapping
experience or with silk to combine a cushiness from the Seacell with the strength of silk.

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