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How would you describe the distinct smell of cinnamon and what does that smell brings back to your mind?
*Only thing that I can think of I'm a baker, and all I think about is cinnamon buns ("kanelsnegle" in Danish) when I see the headline "The Smell of Cinnamon"
*it reminds me to go back to calm after a stressful day
* it reminds me of the country where I was born, where it is traditional during Christmas to serve different cinnamon sweets, in the kiosks of the markets in the square, with snow, cold and Christmas music in the background
*The thought of the smell of cinnamon gives me warm and cosy feelings. A quiet happy place near a warm fireplace.
*It brings comfort just like the softness of the wrap *Christmas*It reminds me many great memories from childhood .

Francine (custom creator)

Boutons The Smell of Cinnamon

410,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt. |
  • 35% organic cotton
    27% egyptian cotton
    20% japanese silk
    15% soy
    3% cashmere

    woven in 3 weft, boutons weave

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