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"Incredible luxurious feel and the softest of hugs! Cushy and shiny Japanese mulberry silk in pewter paired smooth tussah silk in dusty blue grey in a new exciting blend and wrapping experience! Silky, spongy, supportive these beauties practically wrap themselves and lock into place with just the right amount of grip. Amazing glide and shine from the mulberry with perfect grip from the small irregularities of the tussah, these will hold beautifully even heavy toddlers. Super soft with no breaking in required! Suitable for everybody and all occasions, being it casual or chic.

This custom was mostly born more from my deep wish of making Aurora shine again since it does it so beautifully in mulberry! I am especially in love with it in this colourway, it makes all the small details just pop! It’s such an understated pattern but oh so beautiful!
The name Celestite is not purely coincidental, and I want to think it kind of chose itself. When looking for inspos for the yarns I came across the Celestite crystal which resembles quite a lot the tussah yarn. Celestite is known to be a healing stone that brings order to the body and the mind, calms anxious thoughts, relieves stress and promotes deep peace and mental fortitude. The moment I read this, it just made click! I feel us mothers need all the mental fortitude and calmness we can get while taking care of our little tornadoes.
This is what I hope this wrap will bring us, strength, and peace to rebalance ourselves and connect with our inner self and our babies while also feeling super fabulous!"

Nicoleta (custom creator)

Aurora Celestite

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  • 35% super combed cotton
    40% japanese mulberry silk
    25% pure tussah silk

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