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The best blends for you and your toddler

Everything You Need to Know about Linuschka's Toddlerworthy Wraps

Artisanally crafted using only high quality, refined yarns, our wraps are designed with the utmost of care to enrich your wrapping experience.

Here are some of our precious blends, mindfully selected to bring out the best wrapping qualities for comfortable toddler wearing.

Our top recommendations for toddlerhood and beyond

When silk meets silk there's always a spark.

In the pursuit of creating the strongest blend we paired two of our most luxurious yarns known for their grip, support, incredible texture and magical way of literally lifting the weight off your shoulders. Our Japanese silk-tussah blend is cushy, sturdy, thick, dry, grippy, slightly stubborn but nevertheless the most reliable for hour long, comfortable wearing. With continuous love and care it will turn into the softest companion.

In creating a lighter and more airy version of the ultimate wrap we turned to linen, a beloved yarn that has been with Linuschka from the very beginning. We love linen for its lightweight, summery feel and cooling properties so we paired it with silk for added strength, grip, support and that extra dash of softness to counterbalance linen's crispy texture. Our tussah-linen and Japanese silk-linen blends are much loved during summer and beyond and are a great choice for when you're looking for a medium breaking in process.