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The softest of hugs for your newborn

The first look, the first touch, your first encounter. When time slows down and you’re enraptured by this small being that entered into your life. The first kiss, the first snuggle, your newborn tucked safely against your chest, heartbeat to heartbeat. Your first walk, your first breath of fresh air, your first adventure. Those are the magical moments that you want to keep safely tucked away in your chest of memories. And together with that, the first woven wrap.

The first months with your baby are the most precious ones, when they are still so delicate and so new. When you want to keep them close at all times and envelop them in the softest of hugs. With this in mind, we carefully selected the most precious of yarns to offer you a pleasurable wrapping experience from day one.

Here is a selection of our most beloved blends for you and your little one: Tussah silk woven in single weave comes as a natural choice because we love the texture and unique character it gives to our fabric. Single weave is thinner, softer, more breathable and airy, perfect for all seasons and made to last for years to come.

Sea Island Cotton is known for being the most luxurious, smooth and exquisitely soft of all cottons. Paired with seaCell, our wraps become instantly smooth, spongy, silky, malleable and gentle on the shoulders. Ideal for enveloping your baby in a truly soft hug. Equally sumptuous is also our Japanese silk-seaCell blend which, with continued love and care, can turn buttery soft and spongy, with a unique marshmallow feel. Loved by many of our customers, this blend is the perfect choice for the first months thanks to its incredible cush and support. In our pursuit of crafting a thin but still comfortable wrap we turned to wool, known for its softness and thermoregulating properties. Wool paired with silk is what some would say "dreams are made of". Divinely silky, smooth, soft, airy and a pure cloud to wrap yourself and your baby in.

Often overlooked but still very much appreciated for its easy care and excellent wicking properties, cotton is a must have in the first few months. Our cotton blends are cuddly soft, thin to medium in hand, comfortable on the shoulders and gentle on baby's skin. Easy to handle, they make ideal companions especially at the start of your wearing journey. Into the same easy care category falls also our beloved linen, which despite its crunchy character at the beginning, is a great favourite of many. Lightweight, malleable, breathable and with a lovely shimmer - easy care never sounded better! Our linen Ipomidi collection was especially crafted with small ones in mind and makes the perfect addition for the first year.

Our high percentage Japanese silk wraps, woven in either pocketweave or triweave feel like second skin, moulding themselves perfectly around tiny bodies, thus being an ideal choice for carrying newborns. Dazzling, with a supple texture, our silk wraps will make you look and feel confident regardless of the time of day.

For the ultimate wrapping experience right from day one, mulberry silk cannot be missed. Mulberry considered the most luxurious of silks due to its incredible shine, drape and unparalleled softness. Being the finest and smoothest of yarns it promises elegant support and the ultimate caress, a favourite of many regardless of season and age.

For more newborn blend ideas you can always check out our Linuschka Wraps group on FB to learn from others' wrapping experience and also share your own.


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Please note that this article is meant to be taken as a general guide to Linuschka newborn blends, wrapping qualities are perceived differently by every person according to his/her own needs and preferences.


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